We combine ecology & architecture to create truly sustainable communities

EDEN Partners are eco developers, designing, building & marketing green buildings that integrate land, buildings & people in a harmonious way.

    Our Mission is to create a regenerative future where
    landscape, buildings & people are integrated
    in a harmonious & sustainable way

    Why EDEN Partners?

    Truly Sustainable

    We combine architecture, permaculture & keyline design to create communities that are energy & water independent.


    Multi-national & cross-cultural partners. A diverse team leveraging it’s experience to solve a planet-wide challenge. Sustainable living.

    Shared Purpose

    A mix of ex-corporate, developers & entrepreneurs putting planet, people & profit first.

    Design for truly regenerative living

    It’s not just about green buildings. To create truly sustainable living requires designing with the scale of permanence*. With this approach, one can truly live in a regenerative space.







    *based on Scale of Permanence from the Regrarians Platform

    Upcoming Projects

    Straw Rowhouses 

    Instead of plopping down rowhouses in a straight line, the first use of the Scale of Permanence is to take into consideration seasonal sun angle, water capture, use of trees & vegetation for windbreak + edible gardens.

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    Meet the Team

    Marie Keveles

    Head Architect, Partner

    Building a future where nature and humans can harmoniously coexist. Visionary architect, entrepreneur and real estate developer. Enthusiast forager and sustainability master…creating a regenerative future.

    Adam Dow Jastrzebski

    Eco-System Designer, Partner

    European-American entrepreneur. From high-frequency trading, to online marketing, & regenerative agriculture. A master connector with a sustainable vision, fearless execution & positive attitude.

    Marc Keveles

    Real-Estate Specialist, Partner

    Decades of experience on Wall Street with large institutions in multiple asset classes, including commercial real-estate. Investing in multi-generational projects, leaving behind a healthy world for our kids to inherit.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes EDEN Partners Sustainable?

    A different approach to design, a rigorous & thorough process that is not only about green buildings, but how to integrate people with their surroundings in a regenerative way. We are creating regenerative communities that work with nature not against it.

    What is permaculture?

    Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape, buildings & people to provide shelter, food & energy with material & non-material needs in a sustainable way.

    Why would prospective investors decide to invest in your projects?

    EDEN Partners combines a powerful network, people, experience & know-how to create truly regenerative communities. Our projects go beyond the U.N. & E.U. sustainability goals, perfectly aligning with the needs & wants of a society demanding a sustainable future.

    If we are to have a bright future for future generations, we must truly learn to live in a positive balance with our surroundings.